Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day date told me, as we climbed the stairs to Coit Tower, that he didn't understand why I wasn't an Internet celebrity already. I told him it was because I am far too boring.

I've been dating this one for a couple months. We met last Halloween at a party hosted by a polyamorous co-housing community in the South Bay. I was dressed in a German barmaid's outfit wearing my strap-on (with a pretty purple dildo I had borrowed from an erotic clown because it matched my skirt) under the fluffy black petticoat. I was there with my boyfriend, one of his other girlfriends, and her "partner-with-benefits" who looks exactly like Abraham Lincoln.

Boyfriend, his girlfriend and I were all on very friendly cuddling terms and made a happy puppy pile in front of the fireplace. He-who-was-to-become-my-Valentine's-date was lounging in a giant armchair and caught sight of the dildo under the skirt. He had many questions - most of them technical in nature - about use, sensation for giver and receiver, technique...

Boyfriend, his girlfriend, and I moved on to the hot tub. It was a small 4-6 seater. We soon had 12 people squeezed in. I ended up in the lap of a cute young boy while someone attacked my neck and shoulders with deep, hard bites. Another man asked if there was anything he could do for me, so I directed him to massage my back as I was getting bitten and put my feet in the lap of the woman across from me - which she was kind enough to massage. He-who-was-to-become-my-Valentine's-date joined the tub. It came out that I was a certified massage therapist and he started asking technical questions about musculoskeletal anatomy and massage technique. I made a valiant effort to answer coherently through the delicious haze created by teeth, deep effluerage, and warm water. The back massager offered me a tour of the SF Bay in his sailboat, which I ultimately turned down. The biter and I scheduled an impact play session together. He-who-was-to-become-my-Valentine's-date and I made an appointment to trade massage a couple weeks later.

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