Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day - FOR REAL!

So... The last post was titled "Valentine's Day" and I mentioned it briefly in the beginning, but ended up spending most of the entry rambling about Halloween. So sorry. Here's the rest of Valentine's Day:

Valentine's Date invited me to Pillow Fight Club in San Francisco. It's an annual flash mob and it is brutal. As the clock tower strikes 6 the feathers start to fly in Herman Plaza. I wore goggles, but they seemed to make me an even more inviting target. As I was searching for Date I was stopped by a reporter who asked why I had come. "Simple," I said. "Nothing puts me in the mood for romance like beating the crap out of people."

One of Date's exes had come too. She and I teamed up, made our way through the crowd a few times, and sprinkled feathers in each other's hair before she had to leave.

Date and I decided to move on and wandered up to Coit Tower. Stopped anywhere there was a view to make out. He has figured out how much I like being bitten and having my hair pulled. I was working hard not to moan and make all the tourists uncomfortable.

Then we walked to Chinatown for dinner at Utopia, stopping for gelato in North Beach on the way. Skimming the menu, the perfect Valentine's selection jumped out at me: fish balls with bitter melon. We took pictures of the feather debris still attached to my shoes and the giant bruise forming on the bridge of his nose from the fight.

Took BART back to his place and listened to a mash-up of La Isla Bonita and Alejandro as he tied me securely to his bed, then spanked and fisted me.

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