Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Very Cuddly Day

I woke up this morning in the arms of my boyfriend. We had spent the evening before together having dinner and going to our weekly yoga class before cuddling and sleep.

I spent the day adventuring with a man I've been dating for a few months. We went wandering through the shops near Golden Gate Park, then ventured into the park itself. He carried me in his arms into the middle of a field and kissed me. Then we climbed to the top of a tree and he kissed me. Then we visited the Botanical Garden and he kissed me in the prehistoric garden, the fragrance garden, the Australian garden... Then back to his place for cuddles.

I spent the evening with my girlfriend. It was free pancake day at IHOP. Then we went back to her place for cuddles and The Tudors. She and my boyfriend are housemates and he had a date with someone else that night, so he and his date provided the appropriate sex sounds for the incredibly bizarre giant-labia-piercing-pregnancy porn that we ended up watching as I massaged her feet.

I love how I spend my days drifting from one person I care about to the next. I am different things to different people and it's interesting to see how different parts of myself become more prominent depending on who I am around.

With the boyfriend I am the calm, reliable, stable girlfriend.

With the new one I am somehow both a crazy, adventurous, sexual beast and a Zen master with an iron constitution.

With the girlfriend we are mutual listeners, giving each other emotional support and validation - assurance that neither of us is insane.